assalamualaikum :)
today I want write something ,
something that I doesn't know ,
I just want write something ,
I just want tell you that I miss you ,
I miss our moment ,
I miss our conversation ,
I miss everything about you ,
You ,you you and you ,
how you feel now ?
yes you !
you know what I feel ,
no ? hahahaha
I know that ,
hmmm act I just miss my "SAHABAT"
sahabat sahabat sahabat ,
now I know you understand what I'm talking about ,
yes I miss everything about them ,
1 Bumi 2007 until 5 suci 2011 ,
Smk Sri Pantai ,
many secret ,many history ,many memory ,
no one know ,but we know ,
no one understand but we understand ,
just we know what happen ,
I love you all ,
you're the best part of me ,
even though all picture since we form 1 until form 5 gone ,
but the memory still I keep safe in my heart ,
lot a love from me to SAHABAT ,

sincerely nur fateha binti anuar aka teha ,peah ,teya and bla bla bla :*

picture can be gone but memory never gone until you die :)


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